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Swihoniz ("One's Own"), Part 2

You might want to read Part 1 before beginning with 'Integration a fiasco': Gothenburg official, December 10, 2010:

Gothenburg municipal officials described Sweden's integration policy as a "fiasco" to the US embassy, according to a document published by WikiLeaks.

Prior to a 2008 visit to Gothenburg by officials from the US embassy in Stockholm, Bill Werngren, head of the city secretariat's information group and now Gothenburg's election director and the husband of municipal executive board chairwoman Anneli Hulten, made contact with the embassy, according to newspaper Göteborgs-Tidningen (GT) on Friday.

He sent the embassy a series of articles from newspaper Göteborgs-Posten (GP) published in 2007 about the integration challenges in and isolation experienced by the city's Somali community.

He wrote in a memo that the situation in Gothenburg reminded him of the phrase, "Houston, we have a problem."

He also described the articles as "interesting and quite horrible reading" and welcomed the visit as a vehicle for engaging community leaders in dialogue.

Moderate Party member Abdirisak Waberi, who was elected to the Riksdag in September 2010, was invited to meetings with US embassy staff in his role as the principal of the Römosse school, a publicly funded, privately managed free school in the Gothenburg neighbourhood of Gårdsten.

According to the cable, Waberi was pessimistic about the situation for fellow Somali-Swedes.

"Those who have immigrated to Sweden 'will never feel like Swedes' which created a sense of alienation," reads the report of the meeting.

The US Embassy later sent a report to Washington about its conclusions regarding its visit to Gothenburg.

"The discontent immigrant community leaders expressed at the discrimination faced by Muslim job seekers was matched by the frustration of city officials who, in the words of one official, feel that 30 years of programmes aimed at integrating Muslim immigrants 'have not worked,'" the leaked cable stated.

These immigrants do not WANT to feel like Swedes - they want Swedes to feel like Muslims, or like dhimmis.

From the comments:

10:05 December 10, 2010 by unkle strunkle
But the "fiasco" is Europe-wide. Weak, politically correct governments blame themselves while Muslims refuse to integrate and demand special treatment and special laws. Meanwhile crime rates get worse for no apparent reason if we are to believe what our news media tell us. It's nothing less than the decline of Western Civilization.


10:53 December 10, 2010 by Nemesis
I hope it did not take a wikileak for anyone to realise that.

Integration in Sweden is not a disaster. To make it a disaster, there would have to be improvements in integration in Sweden first. It literally is that bad.

Why is immigration such a disaster? Because of the immigrants - it is not a question of infidel immigrants, whether from East Asia, South Africa, or Europe; it is a question of immigrants who really believe the crap that the founder of the Religion of Peace, Pedophile Mohammed the Terrorist, handed down to them: it is a question of forcing the infidels to submit, or killing them. Here is an example - Two Swedes jailed for plotting Somalia attacks, December 8, 2010:

Two Swedish citizens of Somali origin, members of the Islamist movement al-Shabaab, were sentenced by a Swedish court on Wednesday to four years in jail for "planning terrorist crimes" in Somalia.

"The prosecutor proved that the accused had taken it upon themselves and decided with the Somali islamist militia al-Shabaab to commit terrorist crimes in the form of suicide attacks," the court said.

Prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström had sought a sentence of three years each for Mohamoud Jama, 22, and Bille Ilias Mohamed, 26, who were arrested in Gothenburg and Stockholm in May and June this year following an investigation by the Swedish security police.

The court said both men are members and sympathisers of al-Shabaab, which has declared allegiance to Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network and controls most of southern and central Somalia.

The two men are suspected of having plotted suicide attacks in Somalia, with the aim of "murder" or "maiming" a large number of people and causing "massive damage to property," the charge sheet said.

The prosecution based its case on interrogations of the two suspects, witness accounts and a long line of tapped telephone conversations, claimed to have proof the two men had been in contact with al-Shabaab leader Yassin Ismail Ahmed.

The recorded telephone conversations also showed that Mohamed had attended an al-Shabaab training camp in Somalia and that he aimed to "return to Somalia and wanted to become a martyr," while Jama "was preparing for a future suicide mission," the charge sheet said.

How are they calling these people Swedes? They share nothing with most people from Sweden, other than they fact that they are homo sapiens and live in Sweden. Their ideology makes sure that they do not "assimilate", but that they rather subjugate.

Here's another interesting article that ties in to immigration to Sweden; I would love to see the non-PC, unedited version of what really happened there!

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