Saturday, April 17, 2010

The OKBOMB and the TiNRATs, Part 1

His Slickness, President William Jefferson Blythe "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton, is back in the news condemning right wing violence as the anniversary of the Murrah Building bombing approaches. He makes reference to the Tea Party movement, and, although his remarks support free and vigorous debate, the underlying message is there:

And then for a brief period, and the only period in my lifetime, in the late '60s and early '70s, the idea of legitimate violence against the federal government and its employees seemed to be the province of the left, with the rise of the Weathermen and a lot of things that happened; many of you, or at least a few of you who are old enough will remember that.

But by the '80s, we began to have the rise of violence from the fringe I suppose you could call right-wing but it was basically uncritical hatred of the government and beliefs that all taxes were illegitimate.

There may be some people who feel that all taxes are illegitimate, though that is not the message of the Tea Party.

Ah, but wait -- let's not fall into the trap.

Remember that President Clinton was the only President we've had who had demonstrated an ability to cover up a scandal with another scandal.

Let's dig beneath his misleading remarks about the Tea Party activists, and see how he is misleading us on a more important manner.

He continues to blame American terrorists for this terrorist act. And, to be sure, one American was convicted and executed, and another is still in prison, and few doubt that they deserved what they got.

Case closed, right? After all, they acted alone -- just like Lee Harvey Oswald.

It's funny, though, what one of Bill Clinton's first comments was when he learned of the bombing at the Murrah Building, which came to be known as the OKBOMB. In the words of a Congressional Subcommittee that investigated this:

Note: at the outset of the subcommittee's investigation, former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating personally requested that the investigation be called off. During his meeting with the subcommittee chairman, Governor Keating mentioned that then-President Bill Clinton had called him only hours after the bombing. According to Keating, President Clinton's first comment to him after the bombing was "God, I hope there's no Middle Eastern connection to this."

And, sure enough, the people who worked for President Clinton in the Executive Branch found no Middle Eastern connection.

Others, though, did find a Middle Eastern connection to the OKBOMB. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's subcommittee found significant connections -- as did investigative reporter Jayna Davis.

In fact, the connections go to other big bombs that came out of the Middle East, exploding in US Embassies, near the USS Cole, and even under the World Trade Center back in 1993.

The connections go to the original plot to hijack airliners and crash them into important buildings -- a plot that was also spawned in the 1990's by the same people.

And, the connections wind their way through Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

They lead to Ciudad Juarez and the ongoing civil war, where the authority of the Mexican government -- indeed, the very existence of the United Mexican States -- is being challenged not just by cartels, but by their allies.

And, the connections lead to Washington, DC, where the authority of a sovereign people is being challenged by the demagoguery of corrupt officials, past and present.

The trouble is, those connections are guarded by a fierce army of TiNRATs.

And people who try to get past that army of TiNRATs tend to commit suicide -- like one first responder on the scene of the OKBOMB, a real American hero -- and big man -- who, we understand:

- beat himself up severely
- slashed his own wrists and arms
- stabbed himself in the neck on both sides
- tied himself up with rope leaving rope burns
- may have dragged himself behind his car
- handcuffed himself and dragged himself from his car to a place over a mile away
- shot himself in the head with a pistol equipped with a silencer (from an angle of 45 degrees above horizontal)
- uncuffed himself and disposed of the pistol and silencer, and
- left his own body in the middle of nowhere.

(If he was that good, he could have been making great money today down in Mexico!)

Some of this suicidal hero's last thoughts began with these words:

The man that you and I were talking about in the pictures I have made the mistake of asking too many questions as to his role in the bombing and was told to back off...

Stick around for Part 2.

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