Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Full Gamut: A Blunt Instrument, Part 2

There is a post at Atlas Shrugs about a terrorist attack against Serb Christians in Kosovo. In her post, Pam mentions that Clinton supported these jihadists in the 1990's. My comment follows:

The counterjihad typically only focuses on the least incendiary aspects of events in the former Yugoslavia. Clinton supported ethnic Albanian separatists that were closely allied with Osama bin Laden - despite the fact that in the wake of 9/11 Clinton said he had tried so hard to get Osama. Why support the Albanian separatists - WHY?

Afghanistan in the 1990's produced opiates which were then often shipped to Turkey for refining into heroin. Now, of course, Afghanistan brings in the precursor chemicals and refines the heroin in-country.

Afghan heroin is distributed throughout Europe via the Turkish Deep State and ethnic Albanian organized crime. What Afghan heroin reaches the US is typically distributed via this same Albanian network. Among other things, they own restaurants and pizzarias that provide cover for their operation and help to launder money from the sales.

The Kosova Liberation Army (KLA), the ethnic Albanian terrorists we were supporting, financed their operations in part through heroin sales. They also trafficked arms, as well as women for forced prostitution - often providing women in local "establishments" for the international troops "keeping the peace".

The KLA has a front organization in the US, called the Albanian American Civic League, headed by a former US Congressman named Joe DioGuardi. DioGuardi is now running for the US Senate. The AACL rewarded then-President Clinton, and especially his wife during her Senate and Presidential campaigns, as well as Vice President Joe Biden of the Obama Administration, as well as Senator John McCain, and others, for their key support of the KLA.

Many if not most of the AACL are decent people just trying to help fellow ethnic Albanians. Some may be tied to the international jihad. But key players are definitely frontpeople for international organized crime. As such, the AACL is a "semi-legitimate" organization, but it fronts for a major crime cartel.

Do an internet search and check out these allegations. It is easy to establish the links between the KLA and various criminal activities, between the AACL and the KLA, and between Clinton, Biden, McCain and others and the AACL through its PAC, the Albanian American Public Affairs Committee. Look at how many travel agents and restaurateurs give to the AAPAC, and look which elected officials get their support - the same guys and gals who receive money from the Turkish Deep State. While you're at it, look into the Sibel Edmonds case to see how the Turkish Deep State has the US infiltrated.

Political correctness and liberalism is not the major problem; the major problem is old-fashioned corruption: influence-peddling and treason. We will never win the counterjihad until we clean up corruption in Washington.

Let me be very clear on this. There are many hard-working, honest Americans, including Americans of Albanian descent, who are taking part in our country's political process. And that is what we want! America works when Americans are active in determining who will run our government.

But, organized crime is also active in America, and we have corrupt politicians - these two problems are not unique to America, nor are they new to America.

How does this process that I describe above work? In many different ways.

A business owner is trying to make a living - selling pizzas, for example. Perhaps this businessman does not know that a couple of his employees are delivering heroin or other drugs, along with the pizzas. Or, perhaps he knows, but looks the other way, and in return organized crime leaves his business alone.

In among the legitimate contributions of honest, hard-working Americans, some money is given to people, provided they will contribute it to certain candidates or campaigns. This is how Bill Clinton and the Democrats received so much money from a White House gardener (among other people) in the 1990's. This is how a student or a pizza delivery driver can contribute thousands of dollars to each of several different campaigns.

Once a crime cartel decides to funnel money to someone, that money gets laundered in with legitimate contributions via a variety of ways. And, you have to look to see evidence that possibly illicit money is mixed in, and compare that to the official's actions to see what the quid pro quo is.

So, who has gotten AAPAC money?

The Bush-Cheney campaign got AAPAC money, and Bush recognized Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008 - in violation of international law, and setting a precedent that could have implications in Nagorno-Karabakh... or maybe even in Arizona - squatter's rights for immigrants!

Vice President Joe Biden got money from AAPAC for his Presidential bid. Of course, Joe bowed to our annointed one, Barack-O, and now Joe is in the second seat. What is Joe doing right now in return for this AAPAC money? Or, what has he done?

Senator John McCain has been in tight with these guys for over a decade. McCain was instrumental in supporting the KLA with arms in the 1990's. And, our war hero is still getting AAPAC money:

Congressman Roy Blunt has received money from AAPAC. I wonder where else Congressman (and Senate-hopeful) Blunt is getting money?

Again, these are legal campaign contributions made in accordance with existing laws. There is nothing wrong with honest people taking lawful part in our political process - it is what makes America great.

And, it is natural that PACs give money to candidates that support their causes. Lobbyists are not the enemy; elected officials deal with many complicated issues, and lobbyists help educate them regarding the ramifications of complex legislation.

But, we have to ask ourselves whether there might be more than meets the eye - especially when our elected officials continue to support terrorists that are allied to Osama bin Laden, and when we refuse to take significant action against illegal trafficking of heroin from Afghanistan, illegal trafficking of arms on the international black market, and illegal trafficking of women who are forced into prostitution as sex slaves.

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