Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Inquisition of the United State: Entr'acte

In a series of posts entitled The Inquisition of the United State (see sidebar), I condemned Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law; I believe I said at one point that it was "stupid".

The law is too open to abuse of the rights and privileges of American citizens; furthermore, Arizona's law enforcement may find that enforcing this law inhibits their ability to enforce other laws by driving a wedge between law enforcement and the community.

Having said all that, I reaffirm my belief that the federal government has abrogated its Constitutionally-mandated duty of protecting this nation and the freedoms we have. In place of this, it is obvious the politicians in Washington have sold out America and Americans in every way it is imaginable to do so; furthermore, I accuse elements in Washington, most emphatically including President Obama, as well as others to be named later, of being anti-American, and of seeking the destruction of the United States of America as we know it, and, worse yet, of seeking to destroy any chance of having a free country with limited government as this country's founders intended.

To me, it is obvious there is a concerted effort to undermine not just our liberty, but our sovereignty as well. This effort did not begin with the Obama Administration; Bush-43 and Clinton each did his share of the damage as well: whether through gross incompetence, criminal neglect or un-American treachery remains to be established as provided by law.

Furthermore, though I have grave misgivings about Arizona's law, I would like to point out that the actions and inactions of the federal government have placed the states and the people of this great nation in a difficult situation with no good answers apparent to most. Consequently, given the situation now faced, I feel Arizona is doing the best Arizonans can to protect American citizens and American territory from an illegal invasion that threatens this nation's very existence.

However, be advised: we the people are being stampeded in exactly the direction the anti-American cabal in Washington wants us to go, just as we have been stampeded on too many occasions already during the current and the previous two Presidencies.

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