Sunday, September 22, 2013

Waging Politics, Part 5

In previous posts in this series, we looked broadly at how government in the United States is supposed to work, and then we looked at political strategies that could remove Democrats from power, even where they are strongly entrenched. Next we looked at how to turn up the heat on elected officials, though the main focus has been legislators.

Now we consider a totally different class of political target: judges.

Why is this important?

Well, stupid rulings by liberal judges have long left decent Americans wondering what is going on.

But, it's getting worse.

Islamic law, known as sharia, either places severe limits on the exercise of other religions, making Christians and Jews into dhimmis, or it outlaws other religions altogether. More extreme interpretations of Islamic law simply require non-Muslims to convert to Islam or be killed. In contrast, the First Amendment to the Constitution of our Republic guarantees Americans the free exercise of religion, which includes a freedom from religion.

Islamic law devalues women. In an Islamic court, for example, the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man. In another example, under Islamic law a woman has not been raped unless four men witness the act and agree it was rape; otherwise, in the absence of four male witnesses, a rape accusation by a woman is paramount to a confession of fornication or adultery: fornication is punishable by lashes, adultery by death. In contrast, the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees Americans equal protection under the law, the Fifth Amendment provides protection against self-incrimination, and the Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishments.

Islamic law allows for slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits slavery.

Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution says that the United States shall guarantee to every state in the Union a Republican form of government. This has been widely understood to mean that Americans cannot Constitutionally have their rights denied. In the Reconstruction South, when former slaves were denied their full rights by local governments, the US Congress reasoned that these states were denying a Republican form of government to their people, and refused to seat Senators and Representatives from the south. Consequently, any effort to systematically infringe on or deny the rights of people would violate this section of the Constitution.

Furthermore, to look to international precedents – which should not be considered binding on America, since our supreme law is and should be the U.S. Constitution – Turkey outlawed one political party in 1998 because its goal was to implement sharia, and, on appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, it was found that sharia was fundamentally incompatible with democracy.

So, it is not just crazy, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, intolerant, racist white folks who find sharia offensive; the government of a largely Islamic country, Turkey, found it offensive, as well, in 1998, and so did the Europeans who, despite their horrendous crime of being white, have been recognized by the Left in this country as being very "progressive" ( = "communist").

In short, Islamic law is un-American, and America is un-Islamic. With due respect to decent Americans who try to be good Muslims, and to decent Muslims who try to be good Americans, the reality is Islam and America are incompatible.

I refuse to sit by and allow America to be made into an Islamic state (which is the stated goal of influential Muslim organizations here). Any Muslim who leads a life compatible with the US Constitution is, by definition of more "devout" Muslims (the "extremists" who make up so much of the Islamic world), an apostate, under penalty of death.

Let me put it another way: there exists an organization called the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR. Why is there a need for an organization to deal with relations between America and Islam, unless America is un-Islamic and Islam is un-American? That a Muslim organization calls itself by that name is prima facie proof that the Muslims affiliated with that organization understand that America and Islam are antithetical.

Yet, despite this, there are judges who are ruling that Islamic law – sharia – can be considered in US courts.

This is no longer a series of stupid rulings that leave Americans wondering; this is now an attack from the judiciary on the very foundations of this Republic.

What is at risk is our Constitutional Republic. This must be stopped. I prefer and advocate peaceful means of stopping this, and I feel that peaceful means are far from exhausted. However, make no mistake about it: this must be stopped by any moral means necessary, most definitely including armed rebellion and civil war.

Since we are not at that point yet – despite efforts by various Islamic groups, their anti-America leftist allies, and the administration of our Terrorist-Loving-Pretender-in-Chief in the White House – we need to consider peaceful means of addressing these grievances, even as we refuse to surrender our guns, but rather arm ourselves further and prepare for what we hope will not come.

So, to the point: What do we do about a judiciary that is spiraling out of control?

Federal judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate; the same is true of cabinet members.

Federal judges can be removed by impeachment: articles of impeachment are issued and voted upon in the House and, if passed, the trial is held in the Senate. By the way: the same is true of cabinet members.

With the Democrats in control of the Senate, it is questionable whether some of these federal officers could currently be successfully removed from office. However, why does the Republican-controlled House not at least try? Perhaps they should start not with a judge, but with our Attorney General, Eric Holder. So what if they fail... let's send a message.

Other judges serve at the state and local level.

Some state judges are nominated by the state governor, and confirmed by the state legislature, in a process parallel to that of the federal government. And, in a process parallel to that of the federal government, these judges can be removed from office through impeachment. Articles of impeachment are issued in the state assembly or state house, and the trial is held in the state senate. We should be able to win a few of these battles. ;)

Other state and local judges are elected. They can be recalled for rulings which are blatantly repugnant to the Constitution. The recall failing, judicial elections do not garner the financial contributions that legislative and executive elections garner. It would not take much money from good Americans around the country to influence a judicial election somewhere. We should be able to win a few of these battles, too. ;)

When you hear about a ruling that leaves you shaking your head, research it. Confirm the story, find out the details, and get information on the judge in question.

Then, if the judge is appointed, contact your Congressional Representative if the judge is federal, and an appropriate state assemblyman or state representative if the judge is a state judge. Ask them to issue articles of impeachment. Contact your local government, and ask that they issue a resolution calling for the impeachment of the judge by the appropriate legislative officials. Stir up trouble, and let these elected officials know that if they don't impeach this judge, you will seek to recall them (remember - state recall initiatives do not apply to US Congressional Representatives or US Senators) or to replace them at the next election.

If the judge is elected, move directly to recall the judge or replace the judge at the next election. Stir up trouble; contact friends all around the country, and get the matter the notoriety it deserves. If a million bikers can show up in DC to make a point (big hat tip to the bikers!), then we can easily find a few hundred people to contact elected officials and perhaps donate some money to a recall campaign or to the challenger in a judicial election, especially considering those few hundred people need not own a bike! :)

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Americans... it's time to rumble!

More to follow...

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