Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Truths Denied, Part 2

I was not planning to get back to this series quite so soon, but two comments left by one reader of mine at Part 1 prompts this.

The blatant lies that pass for the politically correct story of the 9/11 attacks are very clear in this presentation by architect Richard Gage of the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

The videos total about two hours of viewing time, and spell out solid, peer-reviewed scientific evidence as to why the official story cannot possibly be true. The focus here is on the World Trade Center, but once one part of the official lie comes unraveled, the rest will follow fairly easily.

What I find interesting about all this in the context of Part 1 is the part where Mr. Gage talks about how explosives could have been placed in the building without the occupants knowing.

Apparently, there was an elevator upgrade going on in the months prior to the attack.

The elevators were located among the core columns that would need to be brought down in order to completely collapse the structures of the Twin Towers.

This ties in with Sibel Edmonds' report quoted in Part 1 where she saw information that blueprints for US skyscrapers had been sent overseas some time before 9/11. Someone needed enough technical information to know what kind of explosives was needed to bring the Twin Towers down, and where to place them. Then, this someone got the inside help necessary to place the explosives, presumably under cover of the elevator upgrade.

Still, even if we knew these details, the mystery is not solved. Enough explosives were used to not just bring the Twin Towers down, but to essentially pulverize the buildings in mid-air.


Stick around.

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