Sunday, November 10, 2013

Half-Truths, Part 1

The worst lies are the ones that bear close resemblance to the truth, because people believe them.

Indeed, it may be said that half-truths are the devil's backbone.


As I research Nancy Pelosi, the impression I get is of someone who is not stupid, but who does say things that appeal to people stupid enough to support her. The particular method in which Pelosi deceives people who do not do their research is by telling them things which are not totally accurate, but which are somewhat close to the truth. In fact, according to, almost half of what Pelosi says on the issues is half-true; notice also that her statements are skewed toward lies and outrageous lies, and away from the truth.

Thus, many of the people who support her are either unable to check the veracity of her statements, perhaps because of how the American education system has left them, or unwilling – and it is those who are unwilling to check on her (and other politicians) that I categorize as "stupid"; these are the very same kind of people who, in the Republican Party, bring us candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie.

Other people support Nancy Pelosi, not because they are stupid, but because she can deliver political power, political favors, and money. These are the corrupt, the power-hungry, those with no moral compass... the crooks, who have always been with humanity and, again, who infest not just the Democrat Party, but the GOP as well.

People who are reasonably educated on politics – regardless of where they are on the political continuum – do not support her, because they see that, at best, she has sold them out to the system.

In fact, when advertising a protest against Pelosi, the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center had a very long list of grievances against her, calling her a "1%er", pointing out that she is one of the wealthiest 1% in America, and then detailing how so much of what she does supports the "haves" instead of the "have-nots" that the Democrats purport to represent.

Thus, as I research Pelosi, the overwhelming impression I get is of money, power, and special interests; Nancy Pelosi is a lifelong politician and a Washington insider.


Nancy Pelosi has been involved in politics her whole life. Born into a family of Democrats, her father was a Congressman from Maryland, and her brother served as mayor of Baltimore.

When she moved to San Francisco with her husband, she began to work her way up in Democrat politics. She has served as a Democratic National Committee (DNC) member, and party chair for the California Democratic Party. She was also Finance Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Congresswoman Pelosi is important to Democrat cash flow, as evidenced from some of the jobs she has done for the Democrats. Not only is she rated as one of the richest members of the US Congress, but, since her district ensures she has a secure Congressional seat, she can devote her efforts to fundraising for her Democrat colleagues.

Nancy Pelosi is thus a powerful Democrat, but not because she is the minority leader and former Speaker of the House. Indeed, it seems she is the minority leader and was Speaker because she is powerful – and political power means money and connections, both of which Pelosi has.

This series will examine Nancy Pelosi, her power, and her role in contemporary Democrat politics.

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