Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Era of the Living Dead

This is interesting.

At the Berlin Fan Page, there is a message from the lead singer, Terri Nunn, regarding Obamacare:


Last Sunday night, I heard one of the Oscar winners say, “My parents taught me that sometimes it’s better to do something that you know may not be popular, but that you know is right.” I’m not usually a political activist, as you know, and taking this stand could lose me popularity, but I have to take one now.

Sunday morning I logged on to the Internet news and read yet another roadblock thrown in front of President Obama and the health care changes he’s trying to pass. I can’t take it anymore. I have to say something. What he says is true: our health care system in America is out-of-control not working. Everybody knows that. I’m a woman who can AFFORD to pay for health insurance for my family, and I know how lousy the insurance I’m paying for really is, and how off-the-charts expensive it is.

Government has to step in to do something to change this, because the health care business isn’t going to do a thing about it. They haven’t for decades. In fact, they’re openly telling us that they fully plan for the downward spiral to continue. I just opened another notice last Friday informing me of my second premium hike in a single year! This is nothing new for any of us.

So now we have a guy TRYING to do something about it, President Obama. Everything I’ve read about his plan makes sense to me. One of his biggest problems is the politicians who have the power to block him ALREADY HAVE THE HEALTH INSURANCE HE’S TRYING TO MAKE AVAILABLE TO THE REST OF US. It’s government-supplied health insurance, available to Congress, and I haven’t heard one of them complaining about it.

What I have heard from these politicians is “GOVERNMENT TAKE-OVER! THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT THAT!” Excuse me, Mr. Loud Politician, but you already have that. YOUR family’s covered great. YOU don’t have to pay the sky-rocketing premiums we all do. Government-assisted health care works great for you, just like it does for millions of people in so many other countries. I have friends all over the globe and I’ve heard only positive things about government-assisted health care from the people who have it. Sure, there are problems with any system, but my foreign friends are a lot happier than we are.

This guy Obama needs help. I’m reaching out to the people who at least care about me enough to check in with this website. Check out and click on “health care” if you want the facts about his plan, just the facts. There are also FAQs to click on to answer questions your specific situation may have. You can find it here: If you’re one of those people who think our government only lies to us, so why read it, well, as they said in Avatar, “You can’t fill up someone who’s already full.” You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn anything new.

If you agree that this health care plan is at least better than what we have now (which isn’t that hard), please join me in doing whatever you can to help this man. TAKE A STAND, popular or not, with your friends and family. Thanks to the Internet, I can easily find out who my legislators are and send this to them. I need THEM to be helping me. Helping US. MY FAMILY. MY FRIENDS’ FAMILIES. NOW. If this hope goes away, maybe it’s not meant to be for us, but we won’t get any more hope for a long, long time. So I hope you’ll take some action now too.

Thank you for reading this.

With love,


Terri, I couldn't disagree with you more.

I believe your heart is in the right place, but I think you're wrong on this issue.

What is at stake with every growth of government is our liberty. Nowhere is this more true than with unconstitutional encroachments of the federal government into areas specifically reserved by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the people and to the states.

And without liberty, we are nothing.

And, Terri, it is because of smart, caring people like you that our liberty is at stake.

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.
-- Louis D. Brandeis

You can't protect society from every evil; it is impossible to remove every obstacle from our path.

And, we wouldn't want to do so if we could.

It is through contending with evil that we learn the value of good. It is by overcoming obstacles that we grow and mature, and develop our own sense of self-worth.

We need the evils and the obstacles in our lives; these things make us who we are. Without these things, we lose our appreciation for what we have, and become bored, spoiled and lazy.

Without evils to face and obstacles to overcome, we lose ourselves; life itself ceases to have meaning, and we become zombies, detached from reality, looking for thrills to demonstrate to ourselves that we are still somehow alive.

Make no mistake about it: the Era of Big Government is the Era of the Living Dead.

Our Creator could have placed us in the Garden of Eden in protective custody, prisoners -- residents of paradise, saved from evil and without obstacles in our lives, but prisoners nevertheless. Though the bars are gold, a cage is still a cage.

Our Creator did not do this. Instead, He gave us the most precious of gifts. First was life. Second was liberty. Third was the pursuit of happiness. He knew we would make mistakes, and, indeed, He gave us advice on what not to do in the Garden of Eden. We, of course, did it anyway, just as He knew we would.

Then, having expelled us from Paradise for our transgression, our Creator gave us more advice, and examples to follow, to try to lead us back to Paradise, and so we would appreciate it and not ruin it once we arrived.

But, most importantly, after life, He gave us liberty!

The founders of this nation understood this, and, having realized the evils they were subjected to should no longer be tolerated, and that the evils would not be remedied peacefully, they risked everything they had to win their liberty through armed conflict. Once they had won, they passed on to us the most precious gift they could give by reaffirming our inalienable rights, foremost among these being those given by our Creator: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To secure these blessings, they instituted a government, establishing as its foundation a document which limited the powers of government as much as possible, and which gave us freedoms as unlimited as possible, while still having an orderly society in which to live.

The founders of our nation, seeking to follow the wisdom of our Creator, did not give us free healthcare, a guaranteed income, security from pirates or terrorists, or a myriad of other demands for which we now bleat like sheep. They gave us the liberty for which we roared like lions, knowing that a land of the free would be home to those brave enough to acquire not only these things, but much, much more, on their own.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
-- Ronald Reagan

Terri, I commend you that you are taking a stand for what you believe in, even though you run the risk of alienating fans. Rest assured that the fact you have taken a stand despite this risk is important.

Now, please, take the next step, and look carefully at these officials in Washington. Do not trust them.

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.
-- Patrick Henry

Our nation was born amid a passion for liberty, a passion that burned and set the world on fire. From that fire our freedom was plucked, bought by the sacrifices of others. To us it was passed, but our passion has cooled, and now we sell our freedom for promises which cannot be kept -- promises of comfort and security. We should be vigilant, guarding our liberty from anyone who would approach it, but instead we sleep on duty, dreaming of our comfort and security, but rest assured we will wake to a world on fire.

Or, in haunting lyrics sung by an enchantress...

The freedom bought, changed hands, was sold
The heat of love has turned ice-cold and
We never learn but we know too well
Heaven's died and gone to Hell

Now you watch but you should have run
Like flames that leap from the base of the sun
And you dream you're free but you'll awake
Too much too late, too much too late

May God bless you and yours, Terri! :)

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