Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Triple Choice: New Thoughts on an Old Dilemma

Historically, Islam has offered the world the infamous triple choice: 1) convert to Islam, 2) submit to Islamic rule as a dhimmi and pay the jizya, or 3) fight (to the death).

Of course, as Muslims will tell you, there is no compulsion in religion. But, non-Muslims who accept dhimmi status are systematically and categorically discriminated against, unable to share their religion or even revitalize their places of worship under Islamic rule; they pay a special tax, and can have the few "rights" given them by their Muslims masters revoked for any reason or for no reason at all. And, once one does submit (for economic reasons, if nothing else, to get out from under the extra taxes demanded of dhimmis), any attempt to leave Islam is punishable by death. But, there is no compulsion in religion.

Many Muslims have interpreted the triple choice in an abbreviated manner: submit or die.

Okay, well, these are extremists who do not represent "true" Islam.

But too many Muslims will not speak out loudly and openly against this.

There are reasons for that; I will address two that are key.

The first is theoretical and philosophical: any reading of Islamic texts brings us to the point that the extremists are right; they are doing exactly what Mohammed did, and exactly what Mohammed commanded his followers to do.

The second is pragmatic: speak out, and you become takfir and the "extremists" target you.

This, sadly, brings us to a situation. I am not advocating this situation; I am describing the direction I believe we are going in.

The many Muslims who are silent in the face of what is done in the name of the Religion of Peace will leave themselves with a triple choice: 1) convert from Islam, leaving it altogether; 2) fight to gain control of Islam, perhaps purging Islamic texts and disavowing many actions of Allah's Apostle; or, 3) share in the fate of "extremists".

The devil always overplays his hand, and Islam will leave humanity with no choice but to destroy Islam.

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