Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks, TSA

Too many people stupidly want those crooks in Washington to make our country a prison, and put us people in protective custody, in order to save us from Islamic terrorists - though we can't point out any connection between terrorism and Islam, because, although terrorists are doing exactly what their prophet told them to do and exactly what their prophet did in his day, anyone who points out flaws in Islam is a racist.

Of course, you know, prisons are pretty dangerous places...

But, anyway, here some girls are thanking the TSA for saving us:

Funny, because maybe the TSA isn't.

According to an article at World Net Daily, the unsanitary conditions of TSA employees doing intimate pat-downs on person after person without changing gloves between gropes is not keeping us safe.

Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses all are part of the possible fringe benefits when airline passengers next go through a full hands-on pat-down by agents of the federal government's Transportation Security Administration, according to doctors.


"There is no doubt that bacteria (staph, strep, v.cholerae etc.) and viruses (noro, enteroviruses, herpes, hepatitis A and papilloma viruses) can be spread by contaminated vinyl or latex gloves," Dr. Thomas Warner of Wisconsin told WND in a letter to the editor.

"If a traveler has diarrhea and is soiled, as can and does happen, the causative agent can be spread by this method since bacteria and viruses in moist environments have greater viability."

Yes, thank you, TSA, for keeping us safe.

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