Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Puppets of Puppets

On the left we saw a man
And heard what he said
The words from his mouth
Filled us with dread

He didn't just talk
He also pulled our strings
Manipulated us and did
Such terrible things

Along came another
This one on the right
The words that he spoke
Were a glimmer of light

We followed him
But we didn't know
He led us around
With nowhere to go

So again under the power
Of the man on the left
But he had moved to the center
How clever and deft!

On the right yet another
Did he have a chance?
Would we like his tune?
For we all had to dance

Better, we thought
Gone, that other clown
Then one sunny day
Our world came crashing down

Attacked from afar
No longer left and right
But united we stood
They would feel our might

But it didn't add up
Something was wrong
A few stopped dancing
And questioned the song

Into darkness we danced
Where would anger lead?
Questions about the song
But too few would heed

Promising us change
And a return to our law
Many followed a new one
But this time I saw

His movements not his own
But from above they came
Then I recognized it
The dance was the same

They both pulled our strings
But someone pulled theirs
Someone above them
Someone higher upstairs

Change was not good
Bad became worse
We were puppets of puppets
And that was our curse

Then I discovered
Their strings no longer worked!
Puppets above and around me
But I was unhooked!

The strings were in my mind
Realizing it, I was free!
Thinking for myself
A puppet I would not be!

The others were still cursed
As I looked around
Then a quiet voice
Spoke with a booming sound

The strings are an illusion
Our freedom already bought
The battle continues
In a war already fought

The message sounded clear
The voice cool as ice
"The captives are free
I paid the price!"

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