Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Special Place in the World

A comment in a debate on Facebook:

At the risk of sounding arrogant, we saved Europe before, and it looks like they didn't learn their lesson, so we will have to do it again.

Those who seek to destroy the United States do not understand how difficult that task is.

Despite modern rhetoric that disputes this position, the United States is a special country; whereas other nations derived their authority from royalty, in other words from a human, our nation recognized that its authority is derived from the people who, ultimately, derive their authority from their Creator. The fact that we recognize our Creator as Supreme, Lord over the people, and the people as lords over governments instituted by the people to serve at the pleasure of the people to codify and protect Divinely-provided rights is what makes the United States special.

Elsewhere in the world, too many people somehow see their rights as being granted by people; thus, those rights can be taken away by people. In America, though, there is a critical mass of people that still understands that our rights are given to us by our Creator and that these rights are inalienable; thus, there is a critical mass of people willing to fight to defend those rights against oppression, whether from corrupt government or from corrupt religion as, ultimately, all such corrupt oppression stems from a common source.

Until Europeans stop acting "European" and start to recognize their Creator and give Him His due, they will be sheep for the slaughter of any tyranny that comes along.

Any time another nation chooses to recognize humanity's Creator and give Him His due, that nation can be special, as well, as the Lord shows no favoritism, but opens wide His arms to embrace all who would seek Him.

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