Friday, March 4, 2011

A Final Soviet Victory

I hate to come off as a lazy blogger, just posting vids (and then, not very often), but here it goes:

Rank-and-file teachers are not the problem here, any more than rank-and-file Americans are the problem. (Or, perhaps I should say "any less than"?) Just as we Americans have allowed criminal and traitorous elements to lead our country, so have union members too often allowed the wrong people to run unions.

But, some interesting points are made in the above video. Though the Soviet Union - the world's first socialist state - is dead, the dynamic that started the Soviet Union is very much alive; from the grave, the Soviet Union's hand reaches out to us, with a death grip at our nation's throat.

A major victory for the Soviet Union occurred just as the dust was settling after the Soviet Union's collapse; somewhere in Moscow, intelligence officers of the former Soviet Union managed to get one of their boys into the White House: Bill Clinton was inaugurated in January, 1993.

Unfortunately, "peace" had broken out, and suddenly these guys had no one to report their success to...

Or, perhaps they did have someone to report it to?

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