Monday, April 18, 2011

Tolerance of the Intolerant

This is quality.

First, an excerpt (approximately the first half) from Wear hijab or die (actually, I think this is the headline, and the title is the bold-faced bullet below), dated April 18, 2011, reproduced below:

ISLAMIC extremists bent on establishing Sharia law in Britain have threatened to kill women who do not cover their heads.

They have also posted signs warning of "gay-free" zones and defaced posters featuring bikini-clad models.

Hardline Muslims are feared to be imposing their values on others in Tower Hamlets, East London.

A non-Muslim Asian pharmacist in Whitechapel who wears western clothes said she was told to cover up with a hijab headscarf or face a boycott.

Later she claimed a second man told her: "If you keep doing these things we will kill you." Police are investigating.

There is also a post over at Atlas Shrugs that addresses this. In it, Pamela references another article.

The comments at the articles are quite interesting. :)

This is what tolerance of the intolerant has lead to.

Islam comes not to coexist, but to conquer. Islam is not a religion of peace; it is an ideology of armed conquest. "Islam" means "submission" - submission to the will of Allah (some moon god from the Arabian peninsula) as that will is interpreted by the head mullah.

To be sure, there are good people who are Muslims. There are good people who can find good things in Islamic holy texts, and who can act upon their interpretations and bring good from it all.

These people are called takfir, and are subject to the death penalty as apostates from Islam.

That's not my word for them; that what true Muslims call them.

Unless of course you are one of the Muslims who says you are the good guys and these other guys are khawarij....

Fine. End the threat posed by them to humanity, and I might agree with you.

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