Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Comment on Obama

Over at Rosie's blog I saw a post dealing with how the Obama Administration seems to think that UN or NATO authority is all it needs to go to war; that Congress can be bypassed. Congress does not seem to agree; there is discussion of which way Biden would go in an impeachment should Obama initiate hostilities against Iran without Congressional approval.

In a way, who cares? Should Obama be impeached, the trial would be held in the Senate, but when the President of the United States is on trial, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides.

Meanwhile, though, Vice President Biden in 2007 received contributions from a PAC that launders money into US political campaigns on behalf of an ethnic Albanian group that was both an Islamic extremist terrorist organization and an organized crime cartel.

By the way, the same PAC gave to Bush-43 in 2003, it gave to McCain in 1999, 2000 and again in 2009, and it has given to Romney this year.

It matters not one bit who wins the Presidential election. The interests of transnational organized crime will be represented in the White House, because the American people keep ordering their happy meals from the same menu.

Here is my (very slightly edited) comment over at Rosie's:

Obama is a puppet. He is anti-American. He is not up to the Presidency. And, things from his past are obviously being hidden, likely including significant character flaws.

The result of all this is that, as a puppet, he is easy to control. If he does something that looks like it might be good for America, there is an ulterior motive on the part of those who pull his strings.

People that voted for him thought he was "progressive". I read the socialist websites; they hate him, and accuse him of being like Bush, whom they also hated. Obama first sold out the gays by being against gay marriage, then he sold out the religious wing of the neolib blacks by coming out in favor of it. The problem with the "left" is that it is such a loose coalition of groups with such radical – and radically different – agendas that promoting one group's agenda means knifing another group. Yet, these radical groups will support him, because, like Bill Clinton, he is more likely to flip-flop, pander, and be manipulated into their direction than a RINO.

Pandering to the Jewish part of the electorate, he tries to do some things that give the appearance of helping Israel. However, his secret hatred for Israel and America manifests itself in how he supports Islamic extremists, even going to the extent of intervening militarily so they win in Libya.

Somebody wants war with Iran, and that somebody does not want it because he thinks it will be good for Israel or America. Obama, a product of Chicago organized crime, became a puppet of those transnational interests that operate regardless of legality or morality. They want hostilities between the US and Israel, on one side, and Iran on the other. And, I think I am beginning to see why...

I am wondering if I need to post some of what I know about this part of the rabbit hole.

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