Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Problem is the Republicans

There's a political satire called G20 Ends Abruptly as Obama Calls Putin a Jackass that is making the rounds on the social media. It is an article in the Borowitz Report at the New Yorker.

People on the right side of the issues :) are sharing this and commenting on it as if it were true.


I am reminded of when that Stink Bomb Donald Trump got on the birther issue. If that wasn't planned...

And all the conservatives were talking about having Trump, a big supporter of Obama and the Democrats, run for President.

These are the same conservatives who were voting for McCain in 2008, and are now beginning to realize something is wrong with the Senator from Arizona.

Why is the country in the trouble it is in now?

It is NOT because of Obama. There have always been people like him... slick-speaking, no morals, no honor, no integrity. In the past, they worked as con men; now, we elect them President.

It is NOT because of evil people who hate America. There have always been people who hate America... they can't stand success, they hate our freedom, they are jealous, they are criminals, or they just want to control everyone and everything, often under the guise of doing it for our own good. ;) In the past, such people had to attack us militarily, and when that happened, we stomped them; now, we fund them.

It is NOT because of the stupid people who vote for someone like Obama. There have always been stupid people... In the past, they had trouble in life, because they were so stupid, and smart people outnumbered them, so it wasn't a problem; now, we subsidize them, and so they outnumber us, and they have time on their hands while we don't because we work so hard to support them.

It is NOT because of mainstream media with its anti-American agenda. There have always been incompetent journalists, biased media, with no clue, with an agenda... In the past, we just chuckled and moved on, knowing they would speed the downfall of the agendas they pushed, because there were enough smart people who knew how to check things out that their bad info wouldn't get too far. But, now... well, see the comment above about stupid people.

No, the problem is Republicans.

Didn't anyone else check into Donald Trump when he started talking his crap? Am I really the only one?

Don't tell me I am the only one that knew something wasn't right with Obama, even before others started looking into his past and exposing him.

I know I'm not the only one who knew about McCain. But, I was called a fool for not voting for him.

If McCain had won, things would not be substantially different. We would still be supporting terrorists, because the organized crime that funds terrorism pays McCain off. Oh, we might not have Obamacare, but we would have something else. Do you think the borders would have been secure under McCain?

The major difference if McCain had won is that the Republicans would be getting the blame, and that would set things up for a Democrat victory, just like Trump's attack on Obama about the birth certificate set Obama up to spike the ball with a new fake birth certificate, making it look like Obama settled the question once and for all to the humiliation of the birthers, even while the question still hangs in the air, because we know he's a fraud!

In fact, as I think about this now, I am beginning to think the guys who support Obama - not the rank-and-file hate-America-first give-me-something-for-free crowd, but the real guys who pull the strings - screwed up. Many of them are also behind McCain. I think their plan was to push Obama, hoping we would run to McCain. Much to everyone's surprise, Obama won, and now they are realizing they have overplayed their hand. I wonder if this isn't what really happened.

We don't have real Republican candidates to offer (don't even get me started about Romney) because we don't have real, thinking Republicans voting in the primaries. McCain and Romney never should have been more than fringe candidates.

We've screwed up, and now those who seek to destroy this country have made tremendous progress.

But, we are Americans.

Things have been tough before, and Americans have pulled through.

Get your heads out of your asses, and start checking, verifying, digging. Stop being spoon-fed dupes, and start being the kind of real, thinking Americans who founded this country.

If I've offended you, good. You needed it.

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