Monday, June 14, 2010

More Than One Life

Established to serve us
By a document now forgotten,
And populated by those
Whose vows are quite rotten,
Our government serves itself
And interests that have money,
While patriots are few
When the forecast is not sunny.

No longer in charge,
The people sent to the rear;
Of less we can be proud
And of more we have fear.
Many are officials
Taking bribes for their clout;
Making deals in back rooms,
Our leaders sell us out.

Bought for a price, and
For a promise later sold
Key to survival is liberty,
Worth far more than gold.
To value something else
Is for a nation of whores;
But placing liberty first,
A nation achieves far more.

Wrong can never be right
And right is all that will be left
As the people relearn their power
Over corruption that is deft.
With liberty as a goal,
A people can prosper and live,
As we learn that a patriot
Has more than one life to give.

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