Monday, June 7, 2010

The Problem is Islam

Watch these:

Now, you may be familiar with the controversy surrounding the Cordoba Mega Mosque that has been approved for construction near Ground Zero in New York. The head mullah on this project, Faisal Abdul Rauf, tells us about his good intentions. But, in Arabic, he has a different story:

The last video is from Ground Zero Mosque founder – Faisal Abdul Rauf in Arabic our Goal is to Establish Shariah.

In the words of Walid Shoebat, May 26, 2010:

Little is known regarding the founder of the Ground Zero Mosque Faisal Abdul Rauf or his views on Islam. Many view him moderate and others connect him to his father’s affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood. While others object that this would be guilt by association.

For that we searched Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf's own words – in the Arabic and not what he says in English to the western media. It should shock every American to find out that Faisal Abdul Rauf stated to the popular Islamic media Hadiyul-Islam ( on May 26th, 2010 in an article by Sa'da Abdul Maksoud. In it he states that an Islamic state can be established regardless of the government being a kingdom or democracy. In another article titled "I do not believe in religious dialogue" should alarm the ardent skeptic on the mindset of the Islamic visionary who advocates establishing Islamic lobbies throughout the West.

He also admitted that "[In the West] they have separation of church and state, this of course does not exist in any Muslim country. About 99% refuse to separate religion from state and many call for establishing an Islamic Caliphate."

And regarding religious dialogue Abdul-Rauf stated "this phrase is inaccurate. Religious dialogue as customary understood is a set of events with discussions in large hotels that result in nothing. Religions do not dialogue and dialogue is not present in the attitudes of the followers regardless of being Muslim or Christian. The image of Muslims in the West is complex which needs to be remedied." And when his view regarding an Islamic state he responded that "throughout my discussions with contemporary Muslim theologians that an Islamic state can be established in more then just in a single form or mold. It can be established through a kingdom or a democracy. The important issue is to establish the general fundamentals of Shariah that are required to govern. It is known that here are sets of standards that are accepted by [Muslim] scholars to rganize the relationships between government and the governed." When uestioned on this, that "the current governments are unjust and do not follow Islamic laws" Abdul Rauf commented "new laws were permitted after the death of Muhammad, so long of course that these laws do not contradict the Quran or the Deeds of Muhammad... so they create institutions that assure no conflicts with Shariah."

In other words, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf is, like his Muslim Brotherhood father, just another extremist Muslim (Islam is an extremist ideology of armed conquest, and any dedicated Muslim is a militant extremist) trying to establish an Islamic Caliphate. The trouble is, this guy is trying to do it here in America, and, he uses the centuries-old Muslim tradition of al-taqqiya (telling lies) to cover this up until it is too late for us to do anything.

And, if you watched all the vids above, you know an Islamic Caliphate is the polar opposite of everything that is or has been good about America.

The problem is Islam.

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  1. brilliant collection..the new mosque aka terror cell is the worst abomination ever!