Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oslo: Violent Rapes Committed by "Non-Western Immigrants"

Kind of old news, from Immigrants behind most cases of aggravated sexual assault, April 16, 2009:

The Oslo Police have over the past three years investigated 41 cases of aggravated sexual assault, which resulted in rape. All of them were carried out by non-western immigrants to Norway.

The police now urge that more efforts be put into preventive measures among men with immigrant background.

The police have investigated all reported cases of aggravated sexual assault over the past three years, and have gained a clear impression of the offenders:

Most of the rapists have a Kurdish or African background, NRK reports. The cases of aggravated sexual assults all have one thing in common, namely the use of gross violence.

This does not come as news to anyone who is familiar with the work of the blogger Fjordman (do a search), who often posts at Gates of Vienna (see sidebar), among other places.

What the news article doesn't tell you is that these immigrants are Muslims. This is essentially a sexual jihad against the infidel women of the dhimmi society.

Do an internet search and see what you come up with.

Also, from No social problems can excuse such a behavior, June 8, 2010:

The riots and the burning down of a school building in Rinkeby, west Stockholm has become high politics. Today the Minister for education, Jan Björklund and minister for integration and gender equality Nyamko Sabuni paid a visit to the troubled district.

The article addresses the violence, leaving out the fact that the perpetrators are Muslim immigrants. This aspect is brought out in the comments - which, to me, is a surprise, since the comments are moderated and this aspect tends to get covered up.

Sadly, I don't see how the Scandinavian countries are going to end the violence without rising up against their dhimmi overlords in government, who seem to have solid control over the media and the electoral process. It will get worse before it gets better.

Hopefully, one of my readers has a better understanding and can offer some insights?

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