Saturday, July 3, 2010

Abuse of Women

This vid, which one of my friends on Facebook shared, just shows the tip of the iceberg:

And don't think that, presumably from the secular West, is unrelated to this, from the Islamic Republic of Iran:

According to Islamic law, men have a right to go in to "their" women (who are essentially property - four wives, plus as many concubines as "their right hands possess") whenever they want, and they have a right to hit women, too. Islamic law is straight from Hell.

Worldwide, women are trafficked for forced prostitution. They are made to become addicted to drugs and kept without legitimate ID and without sufficient clothes to help deter escape attempts. They are "softened up" with forceful rapes by those who handle them, in an effort to make them more compliant for their customers.

The problem is far worse than many might imagine.

In the Balkans, ethnic Albanian organized crime cartels specialize in trafficking women for forced prostitution. Women are used for international peacekeeping forces in Balkans, and they are trafficked to Southwest Asia and the Middle East, as well as to other places. Money from these cartels is laundered through front organizations and their associated political action committees into the political campaigns of big-name politicians here in the US.

Read my blog, and you'll find out which political favorite of yours has this kind of dirty money in his/her campaign coffer.

Update (h/t to Julie):

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