Friday, July 30, 2010

Links and Comment Policy

I continuously update the sidebar with additional links.

First of all, there is an extensive set of links for news, analysis and commentary from around the world. I have tried to get off the beaten path, and provide links to news sources that most Americans would not normally have in their favorites list on their computer. A main focus has been local news sources from regions that seem to play an important role in current events.

In this context, I have a widget linking US regional news sources from the southwest and border area, as illegal immigration is becoming quite a problematic issue. Related issues include drug trafficking and the trafficking of other contraband, and the related political corruption (though this latter topic seems to get less coverage). For further information, I am linking law enforcement agencies, beginning with those that deal with border issues, and have just finished linking every sheriff's office in Arizona, as Arizona seems to play an especially pivotal role right now.

There are also widgets dealing with Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, as the dynamic interplay of these three countries seems to have quite an impact on the world today. I may add other widgets for other countries.

I have a list of links to UK political parties, and am considering adding widgets for political links from elsewhere in the anglosphere.

Meanwhile, I have begun a list of links for US political websites. The focus here is on national websites or websites for issues or campaigns of national importance. For example, I am not terribly interested in every sheriff's race in every county in the US, but the sheriff's races in counties near the Mexican border are of interest due to the issues that they involve.

On that note, I try to provide links to as many sides of an issue as I can. My news links are from around the world, both geographically and ideologically; similarly, I tried to link every UK political party of even remote national importance.

I am also trying to provide links to other resources, but have not yet really begun to organize this.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them as a comment, or email me (earlylight21 -- yahoo -- com), or let me know via my Facebook account which you can find via my email address. At this point, I would rather include a link that may be of little use than exclude a link that could be important, so I am erring on the side of putting the links in; that could change very fast.

Please note: I want this blog to be a free speech zone. Linking to a website does not necessarily mean I endorse any of the material found there; the links are provided for my reference and for the reference of my readers.

I have a similar view of comments, but will delete comments that seem to be just ads disguised as comments, and may (or may not) delete comments with excessive profanity, that call for violence or illegal activity, etc.

I encourage disagreement, because the crucible of debate is key to arriving at the truth, but please keep it civil.

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