Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living in the Dark

Found in my messages on Facebook:

Faizel Khan July 12 at 11:02am Report
who the hell u think u r judging my religion, u have any idea islam is
the most growing religion in the world and teach peace.but this is ur media that create all this propaganda about us did u see any thing like that in ur own eyes or u believe what u see on u have any idea what ur government and usa busy doing in Iraq and Afghanistan,killing thousand of innocent people for nothing thousand of beautiful babes like urs have been killed,thousand has been separated frm there parents, u have any idea have u. if ur religion teach that degrade other religion with out finding the truth, then i am very sorry for u people,cuz u guyz r living in dark.
shame .

I can judge any religion I want to. It is my right to do so. The same as I defend, in principle, the right of Muslims to call me and other Christians and Jews "brothers of apes and pigs". It is their opinion, they are entitled to it, and I think they should be allowed to voice it.

Indeed, I think it is good to have them voice their opinion, so the whole world can see and hear who the real bigots are.

Islam is fast-growing because under Islamic law, women are treated like cattle, kept uneducated and with no control over their reproductive activity; they can essentially be raped at the will of the men around them, and such rape is either protected by Islamic law if it happens under the guise of marriage, or reporting of such rape is deterred by the requirement for four male witnesses to the act; the failure to produce such witnesses being construed as proof that the victim participated in consensual sex, resulting in her punishment (lashes or stoning).

I would like to point out that Christians and Jews are "brothers" of apes and pigs; women are not viewed as "sisters" of apes and pigs, but rather as the spoils of war for good Muslims to rape after the men are dead; Mohammed himself set this example.

Furthermore, anyone who seeks to leave Islam is an apostate, and faces the death penalty under Islamic law. Though the Quran provides that there is no compulsion in religion, the death sentence for someone wishing to leave Islam is pretty compelling. Open the doors to the Islamic world by eliminating this penalty, and it would be interesting to see how many people leave; I'm betting Islam would be the fastest-declining religion in the world.

Our media has a definite pro-Islam flavor to it. That is what one would expect based on its liberal domination, its politically-correct indoctrination, and the dhimmification of its owners. To suggest that I get all of my information about Islam from our media - even including non-mainstream media - is absurd. Much of my information about Islam comes from Islam's holy texts, especially the Quran, which calls for my forced conversion to Islam or my subjugation as a dhimmi; as long as I feel myself subjugated and pay the jizya, the Quran does at least pay lip service to no compulsion in religion (though dhimmi status is pretty compelling).

If you think I believe everything I see on TV or elsewhere in the media, then you know as much about me as you suggest I know about Islam.

I abhor the innocent deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Honestly, I am even sad to see the Taliban die. However, they have chosen to fight, but the death and dismemberment of truly innocent people caught in the crossfire, like children, is really a terrible thing. You might be surprised how much I know about what is going on in these places.

My religion is irrelevant here; it is Islam that degrades all who fail to submit to it. Islam is an ideology of armed conquest, seeking to dominate people and their thoughts both on Earth and in the afterlife. Your comments, which demonstrate absolutely no understanding either of what I know about Islam or about where I get my information, are typical of why the Islamic world produces so much violence: though you yourself are not advocating violence in this message, you say nothing to condemn what the Islamic world is doing, and this is de facto acquiescence to the agenda of the most extreme factions of the Islamic world - factions which, sooner or later, will either force you to submit to their vision or Islam or destroy you as takfir.

Consequently, I do not live in the dark regarding all this; in fact, I try to provide some light on the subject: those who are living in the dark regarding Islam are mostly Muslims or dhimmis.

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