Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Coming Mid-Term Elections

An interesting article provides analysis of the likely coming powershift, and what has contributed to it. GOP Gains Weren’t Always Inevitable This Year, dated July 28, 2010, ends like this:

Actions, indeed, do have consequences. In this case, the combination of an aggressive Democratic agenda, a weak jobs recovery and a large deficit has created a political environment very different from the one 18 months ago, when Democrats won a special election in New York's open 20th district by demonizing Republicans for waffling on, then opposing, Obama's economic stimulus plan.

It's very difficult to imagine Republican gains in the House of fewer than two dozen seats, and my own newsletter, after going race by race, recently placed likely GOP gains in the range of 28 to 33 seats, if not higher.

The House surely is at great risk, and anyone who asserts that Democrats are certain to maintain their majority after November is simply not worth listening to on the subject. The trajectory of this election cycle is clear. But don’t delude yourself. It didn’t have to be this way.

When the Democrats are running both houses of Congress and the White House, the inevitable result is higher taxes and more spending. Since the Democrats tax work and subsidize unemployment, there is a trend toward fewer people producing wealth, and more people getting government checks. This, in turn, causes deficits to rise, slowly building into a firestorm of tax-and-spend policies.

What reigns in the Democrats is a mid-term power shift - something the Democrats are almost guaranteed to bring us, by causing Americans to vote for more Republicans.

An added factor is that Republican-leaning voters are more inveterate; that is, they are more likely to show up at the polls. Consequently, in Presidential general elections, both the D's and the R's show up, but the farther you get away from a Presidential general election (off-year or mid-term elections, odd-year elections, and any kind of primary), the more the likelihood that the D doesn't vote, but the R does.

The reason the Republicans ever lose power is because too many standard-bearers aren't really Republicans - they are instead what the Democrats were decades ago.

The reason these same Republicans have a shot at winning is because the Democrats (at the national level) have long ago stopped being Democrats, and have become Socialists, Communists or Fascists.

Notice that we have not yet factored in corruption. The Clinton Administration was blatant, the Bush-43 Administration was more sophisticated, and the Obama Administration runs things Chicago-style.

If honest, dedicated, true Republicans were on the ballot, there would be a relative landslide, a mandate, and a reversal of decades of socialistic practices, which have been topped off with increasingly fascistic, corrupt "banana republican" tendencies.

One commentator at the above link had this to say:

Mick Russom July 29, 2010 3:24 AM

If you support Obama and his Regime, you support a Statist authoritarian who is an empty suit who speaks in platitudes who is beholden to the oligarchical collectivists and banking cabals. You are against freedom, liberty and our constitutional republic and the notion that all of our rights are inborn and are given by our creator. Some autocrat in Washington does not grant rights - the constitution simply enumerates them for added protection. The constitution also limits the Powers of the Federal Government yet an expansionist authoritarian view is used in modern times contrary to what Madison had intended. If you support Obama you support the biggest threat to our free will in our history, and when the last bastion of freedom in the USA falls, there is nowhere else to go.

That pretty much sums up the threat of the Obamanistas, except that, as in the writings of most mainstream opinionmakers and their commentators, corruption is not really addressed - and it needs to be, very significantly.

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