Saturday, March 20, 2010

Forced Conversion to Islam in UK Prisons

There is a post over at Tea and Politics linking to an article at the Times of India:

Muslim gangs imposing sharia law in UK prisons

LONDON: Radical Muslim gangs are imposing a form of sharia law inside some of Britain’s prisons, a BBC investigation has found.

According to one former prison officer, younger prisoners are particularly targeted for forced conversion to Islam by these gangs. The officer believes that they go along out of fear and intimidation.

He says that one Catholic prisoner who refused to convert was seriously assaulted after being repeatedly threatened by the gang. The officer's testimony is consistent with findings by the official prison watchdog, the chief inspector of prisons.

In a report last year, the inspector, Anne Owers, quoted a number of prisoners at Long Lartin about the increasing dominance of Muslim gangs in the jail. According to The Telegraph, two Muslim former prisoners claimed in the BBC programme that Muslims "run" some London jails and describe how they watched al-Qaida videos in their cells, brought in by corrupt prison officers.

Basically, a gang culture is being established in UK prisons, much like that which exists in many American prison systems. A big difference, however, is that it is the Religion of Peace that is becoming the dominant gang.

Read about this at BBC, Freethinker, and The Telegraph.

Just another example of how the indigenous population of the UK is being replaced. Read my previous post, and the linked information there, and tell me if these prisoners' human rights as defined by the UN aren't being violated in the UK prison system.


  1. I don't think this is a problem about indigenous population vs foreigners. This is a problem of not enforcing the law inside the prisons, of not confronting the problem the same way as if they weren't Muslims.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. "This is a problem ... of not confronting the problem the same way as if they weren't Muslims."

    Because the indigenous population is being replaced, and preferential treatment is being given to the new masters?

  3. No, because there is fear of being labelled as racists or Islamophobes. The problem now is of publicity yet: an "aboriginal" non-Muslim English can't say he is being treated in a racist/Islamophobic way, someone from other background can. I don't know in the future, of course, when the difference in birth rates will be more important.

    This has nothing to do with race and much with the ideology of the individual, whatever aboriginal or not.

  4. I think I'm lost. :)

    My whole point is that the UK government is following a de facto policy of bringing in people from other countries -- predominantly Muslims from South Asia / Southwest Asia -- to essentially colonize the British Isles. Superimposed on this is the flight of native Brits from the UK. Then, there is the birthrate you mention: the new immigrants have 4 children per female (1-4 females per male is a "family unit"), while the Brits have less than 2 children per family. Essentially, the British population is being replaced by "Asians" (= Muslims).

    Within this context, the prison administration is permitting and at time facilitating the forced conversion of inmates to Islam. Perhaps the prison administration is wimpy, and permits any prison gang to do whatever it wants, but the articles I have seen seem to indicate it is the Muslim gangs that benefit from this wimpy policy.

    I think we are saying the same thing (?), but I'm perhaps not making it very clear.


  5. This is not as simple as that. There are other variables you're not taking into consideration (for example, illnesses derived from the marriage of cousins, so normal inside Pakistanis, that have a very widespread effect).

    I don't think this policy is aimed at Muslim gangs. It's just aimed at any group of persons who is deemed extremelly dangerous. Prisons are overcrowded and prison guards are scarce, so they can't confront the menace of people who are united and are really dangerous with friends in the outside who can also blackmail or hurt the guards or their families on the outside.

    The difference with other gangs (for example, Mob gangs) are that in those cases perhaps there are arrepentidos which are somewhat uncomfortable or tired of obeying some kind of sadistic violent type. Islamist gangs have a "plus": they are sustained thanks to the the after life and its awards for Muslims (in this case). So the cohesion withing the group is much greater than in any other gang. That's why perhaps this "policy" benefits them more than other gangs.

    I don't know if I am making myself understood too. Hope I am... :O)

  6. But, the net result is that infidels are being replaced by Muslims, in this case by conversion. This conversion is facilitated by a policy that seems to benefit Muslim thugs more than infidel thugs.

    Basically, if I understand you, you're saying it all boils down to prison administration not being able to effectively deal with the situation. You then point out that this situation "benefits [Muslim gangs] more than other gangs" and that prison administration is "not confronting the problem the same way as if they weren't Muslims". All related to CAUSE.

    My point is that, through coerced conversions to Islam, the infidel population is being replaced with Allah's faithful. All related to EFFECT: population replacement.

    Your analysis is spot-on, but I think we're seeing the same thing from slightly different angles.