Monday, March 29, 2010

Sold Out

This is outrageous.

This is immoral.

This is wrong.

This is our federal debt:

This is how our federal debt has grown since 1997:

If you divide our current US Federal Debt by our current population according to the US Census Bureau, you will see that each person in the US owes just under $42,000.

And don't, for a moment, think that they have slowed down spending.

The Clintonite provincial corruption was outdone by the cronyistic looting done by Bush's Banana Republicans, but now the Obamanistas are going for full-scale socialism.

Never mind your wallet - it's empty. Now count the IOU's.


How will WE THE PEOPLE pay for this?

We the citizens of today won't be able to. At best, we could turn it around, and pay the interest, and begin to pay some of the principle.

It will be up to our children and to our grandchildren to actually get out from under this.

How will this happen?

Much of what we now owe, we owe to foreign nations.

How can this be paid off?


We could sell our Navy. How much would a dozen carrier battle groups be worth? And the ballistic missile and attack submarines? How much would the Communist Chinese give for our Navy? They could use our amphibious groups to take Taiwan!

Or, we could sell our Air Force. The Saudis already have an arsenal of American-made warplanes. Would they like some strategic bombers, tankers, and a few ballistic missiles? A couple of decades ago, they were buying ballistic missiles from China, but the missiles were of poorer quality. And, they have options on Pakistan's nukes. Maybe they would pay big petrodollars to have better missiles with their own warheads on them?

How's about selling our Army? Who would be in the market for a few divisions' worth of tanks and armored vehicles?

I know - let's sell real estate. The National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management have extensive holdings, especially out west. What would Yosemite National Park, or the Little Big Horn National Monument, be worth? The Communist Chinese could be our neighbors... Hell, they could be our landlords!


America has been sold out.

Those politicians in Washington sold our future and the future of our children to buy our votes today with their entitlements and other federal programs.

And WE THE PEOPLE have been letting them do it.

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