Thursday, March 25, 2010

Around the Blogosphere

While I am researching and working on new posts, may I suggest that you take a moment and check out some of the other blogs out there?

One of my commentators, J. Michael Kearney, left some very interesting commentary at my previous post. As you can tell from the links, he is quite a thinker and writer. The most recent post at his blog is well worth reading and consideration.

Helmand Blog is updated frequently, telling us the story of British troops in Afghanistan. Please swing by and thank them for what they do and wish them well. The posts there are quite interesting.

Sibel Edmonds can be found at her new location, Boiling Frogs. Great podcast interviews can be found there, as well.

There are plenty of other good links in the sidebar - check 'em out!

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping in, and I'll have some new material up soon.


  1. THANKS for the very kind words above! I've been around a long time (I first voted in 1972, the first Presidential election that the voting age was reduced to 18 years).

    I was raised by a Depression-era Dad, who instilled those values and some of those fears in me and I've seen the disaster that government excesses inevitably bring about, having lived through the "Jimmy Carter era of the the late-1970s - the REAL "WORST U.S. Economy since The Great Depression." That is why Carter is known as one of the three worst American Presidents, along with James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.

    You have a GREAT blog write quite well.

  2. Hello!

    I am adding those blogs to Google Reader. It's always good to discover new well-written blogs.