Thursday, March 18, 2010

Huffington Post Huffy at Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, had been repeatedly requested by the proprietor of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, to write for her internet journal. She instructed him to write about whatever he wanted. He submitted an article about 9/11, which begins like this:

You didn't see anything about it in the mainstream media, but at a recent conference in San Francisco, more than 1,000 architects and engineers signed a petition demanding that Congress begin a new investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9-11.

That's right, these people put their reputations in potential jeopardy -- because they don't buy the government's version of events. They want to know how 200,000 tons of steel disintegrated and fell to the ground in 11 seconds. They question whether the hijacked planes were responsible or whether it could have been a controlled demolition from inside that brought down the twin towers and WTC Building 7.

The editor's note to the article explains what happened at The Huffington Post:

Editor's Note: The following column by former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura was removed by Huffington Post after it was published March 9 and replaced with a note that states the site "prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy theories -- including those about 9/11."

In an interview with RT, a news service with which I was previously unfamiliar, but to whom I now link in the sidebar, former Governor Ventura addresses the matter:

What I find interesting is how the media has been house-trained in America in recent years.

The First Amendment, which gets horrendously abused, guarantees freedom of speech and of the press from government censorship. But, the powers-that-be have the "mainstream media" properly potty-trained, so there aren't so many messes to clean up.

I agree with Mr. Ventura on many points. What is wrong with asking questions about something?

My personal thoughts are that 9/11 is like Islam. Something stinks bad, but you're not allowed to question it. If you question 9/11, you're a conspiracy kook or unpatriotic (just wait until they write that into the next edition of the Patriot Act); if you question Islam -- a religion -- then you're a racist.

Well, just to show I'm not properly house-trained for submitting in Amerika, here's another video, this one from another website I will now link to:

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