Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Want You

I couldn't have made this one up.

An article in Islam Times entitled NATO turning its Back on Opium Sales:

(Islam Times) - NATO has refused to close down the Afghan poppy fields in fear of what would happen after Afghan's sole source of income is eradicated.

Islam Times reports from Press TV: NATO has rejected an appeal made by Russia for eradication of opium fields in Afghanistan, arguing that the sole source of income in the region cannot be removed.

Addressing a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on Wednesday, head of Russia's Federal Drug Control Agency (FSKN) Victor Ivanov said "Afghan opiates led to the death of 1 million people by overdose in the last 10 years, and that is United Nations data. Is that not a threat to world peace and security?"

The Russian official tasked NATO forces with "normalizing the situation in Afghanistan" which includes "the elimination of drug production."

Meanwhile, NATO spokesman James Appathurai voiced understanding for Russian concerns, given the country's estimated 200,000 heroin and morphine addicts and the tens of thousands dying each year as a result of their addiction.

However, he went on to say that the Afghan drug problem had to be handled carefully in an effort to avoid alienating local residents.

"We share the view that it has to be tackled," the spokesman said. "But there is a slight difference of views," Appathurai added.

"We cannot be in a situation where we remove the only source of income for people who live in the second poorest country in the world without being able to provide them an alternative. That is simply not possible," the NATO official explained.

According to statistics provided by Ivanov, Russia was the single largest consumer of heroin in 2008. Moscow blames NATO for the surge in heroin trafficking from Afghanistan to Russia.

The production of opium in Afghanistan has [been] skyrocketing since the US-led invasion of the country in 2001.

But, the story goes far beyond that; this is a question of "Deep Politics".

As I pointed out in a recent post:

According to information in the Sibel Edmonds case, some of which has now come out through depositions, heroin money was being channeled through Turkish contacts to bribe US government officials, both elected and appointed, from both parties, in the years prior to 9/11. (The Sibel Edmonds case tells us a great deal about this; you can start learning about it here.) Word of the coming terrorist attacks was coming through counternarcotics and counterespionage channels - and, had word gotten out, a lot of US politicians would have been caught with their fingers in a poppy pie!

However, on the other fingers on the other hand, there was no poppy pie, but plenty of fossil fuels: a major terrorist attack on the US would galvanize public opinion to attack Al Qaeda's sponsors, the Taliban. This would pave the way for the pipeline deal to go through. And, for those in the US government receiving bribes from foreign organized crime, it would also allow US troops to protect opiate production from Taliban interference as part of a strategy to win the hearts and minds of Afghan farmers, while blaming resurgent opiate production on Al Qaeda (who, incidentally, does in fact play a role in opiate production and shipment).

Here's what this looks like:

1) We know that heroin sales financed the jihad in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, and the Soviet Union's troubles in Afghanistan helped cause the Evil Empire to implode -- no big loss.

2) We understand from alternative media and "the Left" that much of the de facto interest of our government in the Middle East has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism and the efforts of the faithful to force the world to submit. Indeed, if this were the main concern, why are we so friendly with Saudi Arabia, the source of the ideology and money to fund it? Why are we not more forceful with Pakistan, who sponsors and gives safe haven to the Taliban?

It looks like we are still playing big power politics in Central and South Asia, viewing Russia as the enemy.

Now, I am not advocating we suddenly trust Medvedev and Putin with our lives.

Of course, I don't trust Obama/Bush/Clinton or the other unindicted criminals in Washington, either.

But if we accept that we are playing big power politics, then the jockeying for oil under cover of a "War on Terror" (or what ever the Obamanistas call it now -- the only change the Obamanator has delivered is a new name) is the real game, and it makes sense.

And, many people are duped into not interfering in the heroin trade, because it is killing off our "real enemy", the Russians.

But, what is really going on once you dig down another level and explore the Sibel Edmonds case is that heroin money finds its way to Washington as bribes, so officials find ways to not interfere in somebody's very profitable business.

The Russians, the Afghans, the Americans -- WE THE PEOPLE of all these nations, and of other nations -- are getting screwed by the same dirty machine.

Having said all that, look what I found:

And it's true! The "real" Uncle Sam -- i.e., Real America -- needs us all (Americans, Russians, Afghans, etc.) to do just this: wake up, wake others up, know we are free, think for ourselves, and resist tyranny.

So, where did I find this??

At a website for the Religion of Peace, an ideology that seeks to deprive us of our rights to think freely, and which seeks to impose upon us a barbaric sixth-century tyrrany!

I could have sat here all day, and not have made this one up!

I WANT YOU to think for yourself.

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