Saturday, May 1, 2010

UK Election 2010 - Links

With the UK elections only days away, it belatedly occurred to me to provide some links so my readers can get smart on the issues.

In the sidebar, I have an extensive link list for news and analysis, and that list includes many links to UK websites. I highly recommend that you depart the beaten math of the mainstream US media, and delve into the links provided - which, in any case, include the US MSM.

Farther below that in the sidebar is a new widget specifically providing links to UK political websites. Most of them are the major political parties in the UK, but one is to a BBC page which, in turn, links to those political parties and more, including to important UK government websites. Another BBC page links just to political parties. You may wish to check out the UK Electoral Commission. The nice thing about these links is that they are pertinent far beyond this election cycle.

Another useful link is a BBC page on 2010 parties and issues. The BBC provides excellent coverage but, like any MSM in the era of political correctness, one needs to divesify one's sources of news to get a more accurate picture of what is going on.

For more lists of links or other information, I suggest British Political Parties, Political Compass UK Parties 2010 General Election, and BUBL UK's political links.

Finally, you may wish to review a list of UK political organizations using social networking sites to find what else these organizations say, and what is said about them.

For those of my readers eligible to vote in this election cycle, vote like the UK's life depends on your vote, because it does.


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