Saturday, May 1, 2010

Making the UK Safe for Infidels

An interesting article appeared today at CBN News entitled Muslim Speaks Against Attacks on UK Christians. Here's the vid:

What's interesting is that a Muslim religious leader is one of those interviewed complaining about how bad things are getting for Christians in the UK.

Another article addresses a Muslim girl who was in the foster care of a Christian adult. The foster parent offered to take the girl to mosques where she could worship according to the faith in which the girl had been raised, and the foster parent did not encourage any conversion; nevertheless, the girl explored Christianity, and decided she wanted to be baptized. Here's the vid:

As they bring out in the video, it is only conversion to Christianity that arouses government ire, despite being voluntary. (I'll bet if she wanted to have premarital sex and then an abortion, the government wouldn't be trying to dissuade her!) Conversion to Islam, on the other hand, is far from being a problem, even if forced upon someone in a government-run facility.

It is interesting to note that, under Islamic law known as shari'a, conversion from Islam is punishable by death, even if voluntary, while conversion to Islam, despite being forced, is not a problem. Islam is extremely tolerant, provided one wants to do what is allowable; it's not for nothing that the word "Islam" translates as "submission".

To understand just how far the UK has gone in submitting, it is worth reviewing a piece entitled Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism? dated November, 2008. Please go to the link and watch the vid.

A secular Muslim woman of Pakistani descent, Gina Khan, has become somewhat of a legend in the UK for speaking out about how foreign influences are radicalizing mosques in the UK. As a result of this, Ms. Khan has received numerous death threats from adherents of the Religion of Peace, and has had to relocate from her home to an undisclosed location. Here is what Gina had to say about the trend toward Islamic law in Great Britain, and especially its impact on women, and how the real agenda is to expand the power of Islam's powerful leaders at the expense of others:

Islam seeks complete domination of one's body, mind and, in the afterlife, of one's immortal soul. Islam seeks to achieve this by any means necessary.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology of armed conquest.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner all of this will make sense.

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