Friday, May 28, 2010

Facebook Group: Justice for Terrance Yeakey

I started a new group on Facebook called Justice for Terrance Yeakey. Here is the (slightly edited) post explaining the purpose of the group.

Police Officer Terrance Yeakey was one of the first responders on the scene of the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995. He worked heroically in the aftermath of the bombing; eventually, he received awards and honors for this. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant, and was preparing for a final interview to join the FBI, when he was found dead; his death was ruled a suicide.

His method of suicide was rather bizarre. Apparently, he:

- beat himself up severely
- slashed his own wrists and arms
- stabbed himself in the neck on both sides
- tied himself up with rope leaving rope burns
- may have dragged himself behind his car
- handcuffed himself and dragged himself from his car to a place over a mile away
- shot himself in the head with a pistol from an angle of 45 degrees above horizontal without leaving any powder burns
- uncuffed himself and disposed of the pistol, and
- left his own body in the middle of nowhere.

Some of our suicidal hero's last thoughts include these, written in a letter to a victim of the bombing who had been questioning the official story surrounding the events:

"The man that you and I were talking about in the pictures I have made the mistake of asking too many questions as to his role in the bombing and was told to back off..."

It is my hope that this group will attract people who think for themselves, and who question what they are told. I most emphatically hope that they will question what they are told by me, as well as by others.

At my profile and on my blog, I have the following statement:

"Only in the crucible of free debate can fallacies be burned away and the truth become known; anyone who seeks to limit the debate seeks to impose upon us a lie."

For this reason, the group membership is open to anyone. That includes people with strange, even silly ideas; that includes people whose purpose is to deceive others, bury the truth, discredit this group, and perpetuate what is obviously a lie.

I am not afraid of this; I invite it.

Anyone can step outside and see the Sun goes around the Earth. It took people with intelligence and insight, and above all with courage, to question our understanding of the world around us and come to a different conclusion: the Earth revolves around the Sun, and rotates about its own axis. This radical, revolutionary idea was threatening to society, so its adherents needed the courage to challenge everything they believed and everything they were told by those in power - despite persecution by society and government. This idea was one of many crazy ideas that have floated around over the centuries, but it was true, and ultimately, the truth prevailed.

Similarly, the official story of what happened in Oklahoma City is not totally true, which means that at least part of it is a lie - a lie that we are expected to believe, literally under threat of death.

The message behind the execution-style torture-murder of OCPD Sergeant Terrance Yeakey is obvious: "If we can do this to him and get away with it, we can do this to anyone and get away with it." When you consider what Sergeant Yeakey's murder might have helped cover up, the message becomes far more ominous.

My message to those responsible is the following:

This crime against Sergeant Terrance Yeakey goes far beyond the murder of one man. It goes far beyond the murder of a cop. This is an attack on the very best of America's Thin Blue Line; this is an attack on what is right with our system. This is an attack on everything that makes America worth living for, and this is an attack on everything that makes America worth dying for. As the Lord lives, this crime will not go unpunished; you will be brought to justice, and your criminal organization will be brought to its knees.

One of my Facebook friends is already a member. That makes two of us. If you have a Facebook account, please join. It's been just over fourteen years since Sgt. Yeakey was tortured and murdered. Justice has been denied by government lies long enough. We need to let the guys who did this know we're on our way.

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  1. Interesting. Now there are thirteen of us. Let's see, the size of the group has doubled every day since it began. I wonder how long that could possibly last.