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Workingclass Conservative is an interesting blog, well worth the read. I try to stop in a couple of times a week - more if there is a debate going, like there is now. The blogger, JMK, is very knowledgeable, and it is generally educational to read his viewpoints.

Having said all that, JMK characterizes himself as a conservative.

I have often considered myself a conservative, as well, and have generally voted for conservatives.

However, I can't help but wonder, what is it we are conserving?

In the comments to a recent post there, we addressed Islamic law regarding pedophilia, at which point I called attention to the self-serving power that is Islamic law. The conversation evolved somewhat as JMK mentioned draconian punishments and their impact on serious crimes. Included was a mention of homicide rates in some Islamic countries.

At that point, I kind of launched into the following tirade:

It's not so much the hypocrisy of Islam as it is the hypocrisy of humanity. The people in charge are always happy to have draconian laws that they know will never be applied to themselves.

I support our Constitution, including provisions against cruel and unusual punishments. I believe some of the interpretations of that provision have become extreme, and are being used to prohibit punishment itself, not just punishment that is cruel and unusual. However, I support our Constitution.

Since I support our Constitution, and quote the founders of this country, that makes me a candidate to be a right-wing terrorist.

Since I meet these criteria, I must be some kind of enemy combatant.

Since I am an enemy combatant and terrorist, I can be tortured to divulge information that will prevent an attack on the US.

Since I would never do any such thing, no such attack will occur and, once I have been subjected to rendition and torture, the fact that no attack has occurred will be proof that the draconian and unconstitutional methods used were a success, and that Constitutional protections against them are counterproductive.

So, can we try to help the government employees, whom I accuse of corruption, treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors, find me quickly and begin the waterboarding? The sooner we get this started, the sooner we can prove how well this lovely new system works.

And don't try to say that wasn't where you were trying to take this, because, once this Pandora's box is opened, your desires are irrelevant, as what you have chosen is at hand. That is exactly where this is going - an out-of-control government beholden to affluent and powerful special interests keeping its people in subjugation to maintain the tyrrany of a status quo - and the founders of this nation knew that very well.

By the way, the homicide statistics from these exemplary Muslim countries... do they include honor killings and stonings as homicides? Or is that conveniently overlooked as the price one pays to have a moral society free of pedophiles like the "prophet" who started it all?

Islam is only against raping children the way the Bush-43 administration is against torture: they conveniently define what they do to be legal, despite all evidence to the contrary. Such is the abuse of power against which our Constitution guarantees the right to defend ourselves - if we have the wisdom and the courage to do so.

In response to a previous comment by another commentator, I had the following to say:


What is being conserved?

The status quo, wherein big business rapes us economically, then gets our money via government bailouts?

The status quo, wherein our children are dumbed down in government-run schools for which we must pay regardless of whether we use them or agree with them?

The status quo, wherein corrupt government officials trample on our Constitutional rights in the name of national security, while selling out our national security to the highest bidder?

I am not a conservative.

I am a revolutionary.

As George Orwell said (see sidebar for link):

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."


Go check out Workingclass Conservative - interesting posts, and a great place to debate and learn!

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