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Vid: Mark Steyn's "End of the World"

Peter Robinson discusses The End of the World as We Know It with author Mark Steyn. It's got a great vid!

Some interesting quotes:

Peter: Segment one, the numbers. Let us just lay out the demographic argument. I will quote from America Alone. "This book is about the larger forces at play in the developed world that have left Europe too enfeebled to resists its remorseless transformation into Eurabia and to call into question the future of much of the rest of the world including United States and Canada and beyond." The key factors are 1) demographic decline, 2) the unsustainability of advanced Western social democratic states, and 3) civilizational exhaustion. So we will take each of those in turn. Demographic decline. The argument.

Mark Steyn: Well Europe has simply given up for the most part having children. Uh, if you take the Mediterranean countries, for example, we tend to think of them in our stereotypical way as a "Big Fatten" cultures. Big Italian Mama’s, Big Greek Mama's, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Big Fat Greek loving family. In fact, they have collapsed birth rates. Germany, uh Japan, and Italy were already in net population decline. They have upside down family trees. There are four grandparents with two children and one grandchild. That does not have to go on for a long time until you are in serious trouble and you reach a point beyond, which you cannot recover. And that is where a lot of European countries are at now. And some of them have just gone out of business. If you look at Eastern Europe some of the countries that were, until 20 years ago part of the Soviet block, they gave up having children and there in population and there is no success of population. What happened in Western Europe is slightly different. Uhm, in effect, Western Europe imported a large Muslim population to be the children that could not be bothered having themselves.

Peter: And the Muslim birthrate is?

Mark Steyn: Well the Muslim birthrate is said to be because, you know, in a politically correct culture, they do not keep a lot of official figures on this, but compared to the ethnic European birthrate where they have 1.3 children per couple the Muslim, the estimated Muslim population is 3.5. Now the official British statistic from the official British government statistic office says the Muslim population of the United Kingdom is growing ten times faster than the general population. That does not have go on long uh, for the numbers to even add. If you say you have... I mean, people think it takes a long time, but if you say have a 90 percent population that is…let us not make it any kind of racial thing let us call them the munchkins. So 90 percent munchkins and they have 1.3 children and you have 10 percent ethnic minorities you can call them the _____ (00:03:41) call them whatever you want, but they have 3.5 children. That 90 percent and that 10 percent will have roughly the same number of grandchildren. So in other words in two generations is all you need and you have caught up.

Abortion isn't just killing innocent children; it isn't just proportionately wiping out Americans of African descent; abortion is a factor in killing Western society.

Farther down:

Peter: Joe Biden would know what that is. That is a big deal. Segment three: Civilizational exhaustion, again America Alone "A suicide bomber may be a weak weapon, but not against a weak culture." Explain that.

Mark Steyn: Yeah, the, essentially Islam has bet that we have expensive toys. We have got the best kind of aircraft carriers. We have got the best kind of tanks, we have got the smart bombs. Uh, but that is a short term advantage. If you want to pick a fight on a battlefield, if you want to pick a fight that is slightly more ambiguous that does not actually, never actually calls to force you up against onto the battlefield for a big tank battle. Then what matters is will. What matters is will. And they have bet that the west does not have the will to defend itself. And they see that everyday of the week. For example, in the way Comedy Central just a couple of days ago caved in and censored the show South Park. I do not really know much about South Park. I do not watch particularly, I do not have TV reception worth speaking of. But, I but, one thing that I do know is that ten years ago South Park was able to do a Muhammad joke and it went on the year and it was broadcast and nobody threatened to kill anybody over it. What has happened since then uh, is that we have taught these people a lesson that if you threaten to kill and you threaten to murder and you threaten to intimidate you do not actually have kill or murder anyone. The culture will just cave anyway.

In a quick fight, bet on tanks, planes, and so on. In a long-term fight, bet on industrial and economic power, population growth, and especially cultural and political will to fight.

Farther down:

Peter: Second cause of civilizational exhaustion. You argue and I quote again from America Alone "The population of wealthy democratic society expect to have total choice over their satellite TV packages yet think it perfectly normal to allow the state to make all the choices in respect of their health care. The torpor of the west derives in part of the annexation by government of most of the core functions of adulthood." Explain that one.

Mark Steyn: Well I do not think it is very difficult. If you take a picture of the average 13-year-old in California today and then you take a picture of a 13-year-old from my part of New Hampshire in 1878 just put those photographs side-by-side, which one would you be willing to leave your house to if you were to go away for a weekend. I do not think it is, I do not think it is a very difficult question to answer there. Now that is fine when you are 13. But what happens when you extend adolescence. The President of the United States has just told us that if you are 26 years old, you can stay on your parent’s health insurance, health insurance plan. So he has basically said at 26 you are still a child.

The truth is brutal.

Watch the vid, and read the book!

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