Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Con Job

There has for some years in this country been a movement to have a Constitutional Convention.

This is a dumb idea.

The problem we have in Washington is not that we need to rewrite our Constitution; the problems are because our laws, most emphatically including our Constitution, are not being obeyed.

The federal government is radical and out-of-control. It has dramatically exceeded its authority in most cases, and is criminally negligent of many of its Constitutional duties.

Our system of "checks and balances" is broken because of excessive illicit money in politics; this includes flat-out bribery and kickbacks, as well as lobbying and other means of illicitly influencing Congress. Many Senators and Representatives vote the way a lobbying group advocates, then, upon leaving their stint of "public" service, they score cushy jobs working for these same lobbying groups; or, they support regulation favorable to an industry, then get rewarded later on by that industry. It's an obvious game they play. Nevermind drug money, the operations of foreign intelligence services, and so on....

The problem is not our Constitution; it is these people in Washington. If they would obey the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, America would be far better off. Instead, though they have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution, they sell it - and us - out to the highest bidder, regardless of who that bidder is: foreign or domestic, legitimate or criminal.

Constitutional Convention - ConCon - is a con job if I've ever seen one. You the American people just voted for change you could believe in, and look what you got! Now, do you want the same people who sold you change in the Presidential election to sell you a change in your Constitution? Think about this one....

Besides, let's say we do change it, and somehow we change it for the better. The problem is still there: if we can't make them abide by the current Constitution, what makes you think you will make them abide by the new one?

As George Washington said:

"Should the States reject this excellent Constitution, the probability is, an opportunity will never again offer to cancel another in peace: the next will be drawn in blood."

A Constitutional Convention is a con job; rather than obeying the laws, they are manipulating you to rewrite the laws so what they do is less illegal.

A Constitutional Convention - ConCon - change you can believe in!


  1. Let's carefully examine the logic of this author. If only we keep reaching for the stars, someday we will touch them. In other words, if only we just can elect the right people and enough of them THEY will turn all this around and everything will be just fine.

    All we gotta do is just obey the Constitution "as is." Now, we're supposed to ignore the fact the Constitution says if the states apply for a convention, it's got to be called." Well, public record shows the states have so applied and Congress has refused to obey the Constitution and call the convention. But this author says to do that is a "bad idea."

    Now wait a minute. I thought this author believed if we OBEY the Constitution everything will be okay. So which is it that he believes? We must obey the Constitution--meaning a convention must be called or we don't obey the Constitution.

    It sounds like this author is acting just like the people he talks about--not obeying the Constitution when it suits them. He is clearly a constitutional hypocrite. By the way the applications can be read at, over 700 of them.

    Now, as to the violations he cites or implies. Until amendments are passed, Congress has a right to regulate commerce and if it determines that is regulating health care then that is commerce. Only an amendment can change that and Congress is unlikely to pass an amendment to change itself.

    I could cite other examples but the point is amendments are what is needed because they are the only thing that works.

    What about the argument they won't obey those amendments? Well, the answer is simple. Write them in a way they have no choice.

  2. "Now, we're supposed to ignore the fact the Constitution says if the states apply for a convention, it's got to be called."

    My point is that it is dumb to call for a ConCon.

    But, as long as things are getting twisted here, why is it only the law-abiding people should obey the Constitution? Are those criminals in Washington (and that's exactly what many of them are) not required to obey the laws of this land? Or, are we all expected to obey the laws of this land only when it is convenient for the criminals in Washington?

    Your point than an Amendment more clearly defining the role of Congress in regulating interstate commerce is well-taken. That crowd in Washington has certainly taken every liberty possible, and tries to deny us every liberty possible.

    "What about the argument they won't obey those amendments? Well, the answer is simple. Write them in a way they have no choice. "

    Not sure what you have in mind - I advocate LAWFULLY compelling them to obey, through legal and electoral actions.

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  4. Thank you for the kind words, Shabbeer. Now, if only I actually thought you were a real person, and not a machine advertising the link you left, my happiness would be complete. ;)